Philip Heath Dolls


Philip Heath British doll artist sculptor and designer of artist dolls including limited editions, prototypes and one of a kind OOAK originals in vinyl and porcelain.

British doll artist Philip S. Heath was a master at capturing a child's heart and soul. All of his dolls are sculpted after real children. Heath sculpted for Goetz doll manufacturer that produced his dolls in vinyl. Heath died on November 28, 2011 in Worcestershire in the United Kingdom. He was 62 years old. He was known for his limited edition, hand painted child dolls modeled on real children from around the world. At one time, he designed and sculpted dolls for German doll manufacturer Goetz. After leaving the company, in 2001 he opened his own doll studio in Valencia, Spain. His Lost and Found and Past and Present series of dolls were created in pairs, showing before and after depiction of the same child at different moments in his or her life. Philip Heath dolls includes collectiosn such as Postcards from Greece Collection 1998, World of Children Collection (Gotz), Renaissance Collection 2001, Ethnic Collection 2003, Contrast Collection.

Aaron I, Aaron II, Adriana, Adrian Past, Adrian Present, Alessandra, Alma Ethnic, Alma Found, Alma Lost, Ami, Angel, Angelica, Anna, Ashaninca I, Ashaninca II, Aurore, Beatrice, Billy, Binty, Cathelinje, Christel, Claudia, Desiree, Dove, Dulcie, Eve, Felicia, Felicia Special, Gilbert, Gracie Ethnic, Gracie Home, Gracie Stolen, Greg, Imre I, Imre II, Javari, Javari Tribal, Jenne, Jenne Special, Jerteh I, Jerteh II, Jewel Lost, Jewel Found, Irene, Jezebel, Josephine, Kalui, Kasandra, Kikli, Kim, Kumba I, Kumba II, Lala I, Lala II, Lamin, Laura, Lauren I, Lauren II, Leila Past, Leila Present, Leisandra, Lisa I, Lisa II, Lorna, Lua, Lualaba I, Lualaba II, Luisa, Malia adn Toofi, Mariluna, Marisol, Mindiyana I, Mindiyana II, Miss Me Baby Found, Miss Me Baby Lost, Nancy I, Nancy II, Nkike I, Nkike II, Noa, Para Ballet Dancer, Para Tribal, Paradise, Patricia, Perdido, Precious Boy (Indonesian), Precious I, Precious II, Precious Ethnic, Precious Found, Precious Lost, Precious Ultima, Ruby, Saledad, Seraphina, Shashiben Anita, Shashiben Found, Shashiben Lost, Sheila Past, Sheila Present, Stephanie, Steven, Steven Special, Tatiana, Tara, Titi I, Titi II, Ulia Ethinic, Ulia Found, Ulia Germany, Ulia Lost, Will, Xima Ethnic I, Xima Ethnic II, Xima Found, Xima Lost, Yankuba I, Yankuba II, Yavari, Yoromong.